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The Cranford Community has a special place in its heart for trees.   We have a town-wide “family tree”  and the tree’s name is Old Peppy.

The history of Old Peppy is a long one. The tree is a Pepperidge tree, also known as the sour gum or blackgum.
Our tree is thought to be the largest in the northeastern United States and is estimated to be over 250 years old, older than our United States.

At this writing, Old Peppy has endured a rough patch, terrible storms have taken a toll on the beautiful tree.  Trees, like people, don’t last forever, and we hope the Old Peppy has many more years to grace the Lincoln Park where she stands majestically.

Old Peppy is just part of the Cranford Tree Story.

Cranford is also home to an amazing historic tree grove. Read the full story here:  HistoricTreeBooklet2011.

The tree grove was started in 1997 and it actively preserves the “offspring” trees of famous “parent” trees:

Old Peppy

The introduction to the booklet included above notes,

“The Historic Tree Grove located near the Sperry Observatory on the Cranford Campus is part of a long-term Historic Tree Project at Union County College. Each of the trees is a seed or cutting- grown offspring of a tree noteworthy in American history… For us and for future generations these trees will serve as reminders of significant individuals and events in our country’s history.”


Reading about the famous people and places where these trees got their start, is a history education of a very unique kind.  We hope you will learn more about Cranford’s trees and their place in history.

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