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July 14th, 2012

This is an academic project in fulfillment of Masters Degree Requirements in MLIS in Information Science at Rutgers University created by Judith Lannin Panagakos. After the conclusion of the academic project to create the Digital Library, will remain online and it is hoped that additional content will be added with the support of local organizations. Read about the Project Librarian’s interest in Local History Librarianship at “Yours, Mine, and Ours.”

Utilization of the Site 7.14.2012.Analytics Cranford History

Initial metrics for this prototype site are include above. The Project librarian will periodically append additional metrics. The site is in a soft-launch stage and will continue to be developed throughout 2012.

History of the Project is a digital library initiative launched in July 2012 (first conceptualized in 2010) which aims to present content and research tools to allow users to understand the community of Cranford and its history.  The site will allow users to have greater access to content about Cranford in one digital library as an access point to collections held across several organizations; these include the Cranford Historical Society, Cranford Public Library, as well as other historical and library organizations.

Where possible, it will make available content in a digital format, if the content can not be digitized, it will help the user identify opportunities to access the information via the Archives, Library or other organization where it may be held.

The specific aims of the project are to focus on the “aboutness” of Cranford New Jersey and its development as a community.

It seeks to support preservation and interpretation objectives in protecting Cranford’s rich and unique history.  It will be freely accessible and will be a resource for anticipated users such as local residents, students, teachers, local history aficionados, genealogists, museums, researchers and reference librarians.   The digital library will be a resource for people to make connections between the town’s history, development and the town’s relevance to the outside “beyond Cranford” world.  Social Informatics concepts are briefly explored in relationship to the tool collection of the Historical society and the development of this digital library.

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