Cranford History


Many people contributed to the creation of these include the following groups:

  • Anyone who has every helped collect, safeguard or interpret Cranford’s rich history, with particular thanks to the “Historians Hall of Fame”.
  • People who lived the story of Cranford – who made things happen to develop the community, build the buildings, create their art, raise their families, worship and work in Cranford and act as stewards and trustees of the organizations that kept the town a bustling place for over 100 years.
  • Everyone who supported the creation and ongoing support of organizations that promote the preservation and perpetuation of local History, particularly the Historical Society, the Cranford Public Library and it’s Friends Organization, Cranford’s religious communities and the libraries, historical organizations and private collections that preserve historical materials related to Cranford, New Jersey, the United States as well as special collections.

Specifically, I want to thank these individuals for their contributions to the development of the idea for this site, supported its creation, answered my questions, shared materials and helped work to build the digital library –

  • Patty Campanelli
  • Margaret Gerlach
  • Fran Housten
  • John Malar
  • Andreas Panagakos
  • Jeremy  Rodriguez
  • Tefko  Saracevic
  • Ben  Stanley
  • Joe  VanBergen
  • Nina Wacholder
  • Maureen Wakeman
  • Jonathan Wold


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