Cranford History

The Future of the Past:

In the course of creating, many ideas were generated for content and this page is intended to store the questions and ideas that may be  developed in the future.

If you have a question about Cranford History, contact the History Society or Library, or you can send the question to   This site is moderated by a volunteer, so we are not able to respond to every question or post submitted. Messages unrelated to CranfordHistory will not be responded to.

Lost Historical Materials

The Project Librarian has not been able to locate the book  Beyond a Name by: R. Lombardo and L. Preucil. If anyone has a copy of this work, please contact either the Cranford Historical Society or the Director of the Library.

Projects for the Future 

  • Community Family History Scrapbook
  • Digitize All Oral Histories
  • Physical Bookmarks to promote further use of CranfordHistory
  • The full Street index
  • A Complete “CranfordIndex”
  • The full searchable index to the Burditt Index Files
  • Digitizing Maps for this site
  • A Before and After Image Gallery of Scenes Around Cranford
  • Interactive Timeline and Map

Obtain Content 

  • A Diner History of Cranford
  • Immigrant Journeys to Cranford
  • Cranford’s Distance to other New Jersey Literary History – A Map
  • Sunny Acres Digital History including a tribute to the baby parade.
  • Jr. Women’s Club History
  • College Women’s Club History

What happened in Cranford when…

  • Women got the vote?
  • 1896 Olympics occurred
  • Radio Broadcasts from Roselle Park occurred?
  • Which was the first restaurant in Cranford to deliver food to the home? Original Take Out Place?



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