Cranford History


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Hunting Down House History

 The Cranford Historic Preservation Advisory Board offers guidance on researching the the history of Cranford homes.

Postcards may be another source of historic images.

Topic Index

Points to Explore


– Look for visual clues using newspaper photographs, maps, pictures.

– Look for Physical Clues, original house plans.

– Research the History of the land you own.

Resources in Cranford


– Consult the Historic Prservation Advisory Board, and use their database to see if your home is already documented.

– Who lived there before?  Use the city directories archive at the Cranford Public Library.

– Look up the Street in the Street Index (Under construction), and in the Newspaper Archive at the Cranford Public Library.

Bibliographical References


– Green, Betsy. 2002. Discovering The History of Your House and Your Neighborhood. Santa Monica Press





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