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Costume Collection

Cranford Historical Society has cultivated a significant textiles ollection as part of its mission to preserve and perpetuate Cranford History. Contact the Historical Society if you need research information about access to the collection or the curators.

This page is a placeholder for the development of a digitized introduction to aspects of the collection; a proposed content display scheme appears below.

Why Study Costume and Textile History?

Suit Up! Original Art by

Goal: Allow users to interact with portions of the collection.

Proposed Content:   Cranford Historical Society – Costume and Textile Collection

  1. About the Collection
  2. View the collection/Video Collection/Rotating Collection
  3. Collateral Exhibits  – Tangible Display/Supplement with Online aspect
  4. FAQs  (How to Care for Your Textiles/How Can I Donate an Artifact to the Museum?)
  5. Artifact Wish List: What Is the Museum Looking For?
  6. About the Curators
  7. How to Contact?

Best Practices  –  Digital Display of Costume Collections – Major Organizations

Vintage Jewelry – Private Collection – JLP – July 2012


The Costume Society of America

The Textile Museum

The Smithsonian

Drexel University

FIT Gallery of Costume Collections

The Mint Museum



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