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Heritage Broadside Newsletter Finding Aid

Heritage Broadside Newsletters were published by the Cranford Heritage Corridor in 1977 and 1978.  Some of those involved in the creation of the newsletters were Edward Kucharski, Burton Goodman, Loretta Widdows and Linda McSweeney.  is working to make the content searchable – The full text of these newsletters, without the drawings is incorporated into this file, which needs to be further refined over time.

While this is  underway,  the available editions can be viewed in their entirety online.

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Heritage Broadside1 – 1/3/1977

Heritage Broadside3 – 3/8/1977

Heritage Broadside2 – 4/4/1977

Heritage Broadside4 -4/16/1977

Heritage Broadside5 -5/15/1977

Heritage Broadside6 – 6/15/1977

Heritage Broadside7 -9/11/1977

Heritage Broadside8  – 10/21/1977

Heritage Broadside9 – 12/30/1977

Heritage Broadside10  – 3/30/1978

Provided with permission from the Cranford Public Library. Originals available at the Library at the Reference desk.

This newsletter collection can be found at the Cranford Public Library and the Newark Public Library, in Newark, NJ also has some copies.

The content of the Broadsides is searchable on



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  1. Steve
    August 3, 2012

    The third-listed issue of the Heritage Broadside Newsletter appearing above (marked “Heritage Broadside2”) is listed out of order with the incorrect date of “4/4/1977.” Its correct date is 2/4/1977 (which is why it was marked as “Broadside2”).

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