Cranford History

A Family History Workshop

1960’s Movie and Slide Projectors

Capturing and preserving your family’s or organization’s history can be a deeply rewarding experience.

Undertaking this task can be something short, or it can become a project to work on throughout your life.  In the course of collecting information, interpreting it, and planning for how to best make it available to yourself, your loved ones and perhaps members of the community as well.

New tools and new skills might be necessary, and skills you might have forgotten you have, can be brought to good use in the endeavor. To get started, here are some areas you might want to consider exploring to give fresh and creative display concepts to the rich material about your family’s past and present.

Family History Shadowbox – Created by The Artist Framer, Cranford, NJ

  1. Written Word – Journaling and Memoir Writing
  2. Genealogy Research
  3. Research the History of Your Home
  4. Create Shadow Box Display’s
  5. Transform home movies, slides and photographs to Digital Media
  6. Scrapbooking – Traditional
  7. Textile Tributes – Community and Memory Quilting
  8. Preservation Techniques – Learn to Preserve: Books, Jewelry, Textiles, Paper, Photographs, etc.

Each of these eight areas are worth exploring. will attempt to create more guidance on each item in the coming months.

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