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There are many ways to learn about Cranford, New Jersey and books are a terrific starting point for local history research.

The Cranford Public Library, at this writing in July 2012, has 249 books which reference “Cranford” as a subject.  The Library catalogue is online and you can search it, and learn about the library’s many resources for historical research at any time through the Library’s website.

Several of the Cranford Books have been digitized and can be found in their entirety here at with the permission of the Library:

William Bragdon’s – Cranford An Outline History – By Bragdon






Cranford Rotary Club Biographies – by Arthur Burditt

Additionally, the Cranford Historical Society has an excellent collection of Cranford related books, as well as books related to the study of history, architecture and other subjects.  These are available for use at the Historical Society and a Finding Aid to this resources is available here on

At the page Cranford Authors,  you will find a list of authors who live in Cranford, were born in Cranford, or wrote about the town. This will be an ongoing work in progress, and if anyone is missing from the list, please contact the Project Librarian for



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Discussing resources one can use to research Civil War Veterans in any community, and has notes on several from Cranford, New Jersey.


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The Last Muster – Images of the Revolutionary War Generation

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