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While studying Cranford’s History and Library Science over the past few years, I learned that while C is for CRANFORD, first and foremost, I also learned that C is for CREATIVE.   Cranford is filled with clever, creative and artistic people and has been for a long time.

If you are a kid, or a kid at heart, you can have tremendous fun learning about History and doing things with historical ideas, tools and techniques.   This page is about getting down and dirty mucking around in History.    If you have ideas to contribute to this page let us know by leaving a comment.

Explore modern Arts and Artists in Cranford now:

The Arcadian Clock Company 
Cranford Dramatic Club
Cranford Kaleidescope by Jean E. Kreiling
Jersey Central Art Studios
Community Quilting at

Timey, our Time Traveler Friend, has these suggestions for anyone who wants to start cooking up creative crafts with an historical flare!
Make a Pomander Ball! Need – One orange and a bag of whole cloves from “Back To Nature” or other store.






Family History Art– Make a shadow box of precious momentos.

Recycle a Cigar Box into a photo storage box using a decoupage technique. Need a Cigar Box? Send a note and we can give you one (locally, while supplies last.)

Boy Scout?  Work toward a history related Merit Badge! Volunteer at the Historical Society or another local organization.
Some ideas:
• American Heritage
• Collections
• Coin Collecting
• Graphic Arts
• Journalism
• Genealogy
• Cinematography

Did you ever feel like you spent a lot of money visiting someplace, like Williamsburg, Virginia, and then when you go there all you remember about it was the hotel pool? Go get those souvenirs and USE THEM!

  • Try Writing with a Quill Pen!
  • Make Candles!

Make a Tin Can Phone

Harvest and Dry some herbs – you can buy them at Dreyers Farms – Cranfords working farm.

Go on a walking tour of Cranford and try to draw one of the architectural landmarks – the Gazebo, the Town Clock, or pick one of Cranford’s many bridges.

Make Butter! Make a quilt Block!

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