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Cranford Authors A-Z

Cranford has many authors who were born or worked in Cranford or write about the community.  There are 90 Cranford Author titles in Cranford Public Library Catalogue.   A small sample is included below.


A-Z Name Work
A Avery, James S., 1923- Others thought I could lead : an autobiography  
  Awbrey, Stuart Chronicles of a Community Journalist, Softcover (1997) The View From Here: a Collection of Columns. Comps., Bob Bruegger & Peter Macdonald. Sketches, Shirley Schmidt, Softcover (1986)  
B Preucil, etc. Beyond a Name  974.936  LOST BOOK
M Molvagno, Victoria Emergency Used Candles  A Play
P Pavlak, Henry Return to the Shadows  

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